The Pilecor system is designed to simplify the process of forming a structural connection between a bored pile and a basement slab construction. Pilecor is manufactured from high density Filcor EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and is cut using CNC hot wire cutting equipment, to the exact profile required for the project. It is typically supplied in two sections which are fixed to the internal and external faces of the reinforcement cage prior to positioning in the open borehole. When the pile is cast it then creates a soft area accurately located within the pile.


  • Manufactured from a high density Filcor EPS to suit the depth of pile
  • Creates a ‘soft’ zone within the reinforced concrete pile for pile/slab connections
  • Available in a flame retardant (FR) grade of Filcor EPS if required
  • Manufactured to site specific dimensions to suit customers’ reinforcement designs

When the basement zone is excavated, the Pilecor can be easily removed to facilitate the linking of the reinforcement cage in the pile to the reinforcement in the basement slab.


Designed to aid the breaking out of concrete within a pile, in order to expose the reinforcement so that a structural connection can be formed.


Filcor EPS Grades & Performance

GradeCompressive Strength @ 1% strainMaximum Concrete Depth (m)
Filcor 100100kM/m24.1
Filcor 120120kN/m25.0
Filcor 140140kN/m25.8
Filcor 160160kN/m26.6
Filcor 190190kN/m27.9

All Filcor grades of expanded polystyrene are manufactured in accordance with BS EM13163:2001

The above materials are available in flame retardant (FR) grade if required.

*For concrete depths over 7.9m, please contact the Cordek Technical Team for further information.


d Data Sheets

Product Issue Date Version Size Download
Pilecor Data Sheet 04/2015 1 1.6 MB

S Standard Details

Product Issue Date Version Size Download
Pilecor Floor Slab to Pile Wall Standard Detail 04/2015 1 108.6 KB

D MSDS Data Sheets

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n NBS Clauses

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