Permanent Formwork for Ground Beams & Pile Caps

Cordek offers a range of formwork solutions for the construction of in-situ ground beams & pile caps. The Sideform/Groundform system is manufactured from twin wall polypropylene sheet which can be supplied pre-formed to customers dimensions or in standard sheets for fabrication on site. The Corgrid system comprises a steel mesh fully encapsulated in heat shrunk polythene, which is supplied in a pre-formed U-shape to suit project requirements.

Cordek also provides a permanent formwork system for the construction of concrete bridge decks. Each Corform panel is designed and manufactured to suit the required span, concrete depth and deflection criteria for the project.

For all of the permanent formwork systems, a complete service from initial site consultation and material scheduling, through to quotation and delivery is provided.

Permanent Formwork Systems

Permanent Formwork Accessories


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