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Ground heave is mainly the result of clayheave or overburden recovery.  HX S and HX Plus are suitable for use under all types of suitably designed ground floor slabs in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

Cellcore HX B and Cellform HX are mainly used beneath piled beams in domestic properties.

Table 1 (Standard grades)
For easy identification the panels are coloured as shown.
Grade Safe Load (kN/m²) Fail Load (kN/m²) Max. Concrete Depth* (mm)
7/10 7 10 220
9/13 9 13 300
13/18 13 18 460
18/24 18 24 660
24/32 24 32 900

* Based on the new Eurocode and a live load allowance of 1.5kN/m².

Standard panel size is 2.4x1.2m.
For concrete thicknesses greater than 900mm and 2metres, please contact our Technical Services Team - 01403 799601,

Table 2 (Selection of Cellcore HX)
Results of Soil Analysis NHBC Category Predicted Ground Heave or BRE/NHBC requirement Depth of Cellcore HX required to achieve 'Equivalent Void'
Plasticity Index Shrinkage Category Void Dimension(mm) HX S(mm) HX B(mm)
10 - 20 Low  50 90 85
 20 - 40  Medium  100 160 155
 40 - 60*  High  150 225 220

* When the analysis exceeds 60 or a deeper void is required please contact our Technical Services Team - 01403 799601,

Cellcore HX

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