Ground gas ventilation systems

Building on brownfield sites can prevent the natural dispersion of ground gas and vapours. On these projects it has become common practice within the construction industry to use a passive ventilation system. This facilitates the dilution and subsequent dispersal to the atmosphere of these gases and vapours.

These systems are used beneath the footprint of the structure, in addition to an appropriate membrane to deal with any other contaminants.

Ventform is a gas venting medium which provides a void that acts as a ‘pathway’ for the safe venting and dispersal of any ground gases or vapours.

Ventform benefits

Cordek Ventform ground gas protection systems are:

Site investigation

For the optimum specification, site specific designs should be provided on receipt of site investigation data, including bore hole flow rates and gas concentrations.

In addition to their gas venting properties, the Ventform panels also provide thermal insulation. This is proving increasingly important, particularly in respect of residential developments.

Cordek can supply site specific recommendations and specifications for both commercial and residential properties, including U-value calculations.

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